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Submix concept

You need to use sub mixes to organize and simplify the mixing process, and to solve the CPU cuts problems while using a lot's of plugins and effects with out the need to increase your puffer size too much..

With the submix I can insert an effect or set the volume to a multiple tracks or similar set of tracks for example keys or drums at once. 

We will create the bus and name it with a name related to the group of tracks that we want to insert a specific collection of effects or plugins on it.
The bus receives the out puts of my collection of tracks...

 I will stand on each track and send its out put to my bus, and then I will create a single aux track that receives that bus as an input and then I can repeat that process on other instruments.    

I don't have to make all of those steps with my DAW which is Fl studio..  it have a ready collection of buses connected to the mixer and all I have to do is send my audio tracks outputs to the insert that I choose audio tracks in Fl studio calls inserts ..

In Fl studio the mixer audio tracks can work as a regular audio track or as an aux file at the same time and the bus process isn't separate from the audio track which make the mixing much faster. 

This is my third assignment for the music production course on coursera
Sorry for my poor language I'm really struggling with my English



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